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Products & Services

Checking Accounts

Personal Checking Account Service charges are based on your account balance. A $8.00 service charge is applied if balance falls below $500. Also, there is a $0.15 per check charge after 20 checks per statement cycle.

First Delta Bank Club Account is full of banking services:

Bank Club Benefits For These Low Monthly Fees:

Single Account
Joint Account
Family Account
- $8.00
- $9.00
- $10.00

Student Checking We are happy to provide our full-time student bank customers with a checking account with no monthly service charge.

First Delta Senior Checking Account is designed exclusively for those customers who are age 55 and over. A $100.00 minimum deposit is required with no monthly service charge.

First Delta Gold Club is designed for our customers 55 years and over. A minimum balance of $1000.00 into any account or having three other services will qualify you.

Club Features

Two Boxes Selected Wallet Style Checks per year
Club Parties
FREE Cashier Checks

Educators Checking is for teachers, school administrators, and school affiliated people.


Now Account Checking This checking account is designed for customers who want to earn interest on their checking account. The "Now Account" allows unlimited check writing while earning interest on your daily balance. (Interest is compounded monthly). If your balance falls below $1000.00, there will be a $10.00 service charge, however interest will still be earned.

Super Now Account Checking For our customers who would like to earn an even higher rate of interest (compounded monthly) on the daily balance of their checking account, "Super Now" checking is designed for them. This account allows unlimited check writing. If the balance falls below $2500.00, a service charge of $10.00 will be imposed, however interest will still be earned.

Business Checking Account is designed for our "Business" Customers. There is a $8.00 per month maintenance fee.

First Delta's Check Imaging is provided on all deposit accounts. It's an easier way to bank and help simplify your record keeping. Since your checks are now "imaged" and automatically organized for you, there's no need to sort through a stack of checks each month. Each check image is laser printed on easy to read 8 x 11 pages, pre-punched and ready for easy filing in your statement organizer.